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Issue 03

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New York's very own, Andrew Carmellini

In this issue, our focus extends to New York, Toronto, London, Mexico City & Copenhagen.

Ain’t No Shame in Her Game
Crack Pie, Franken Pie, Sweetie Pie
Well Schooled
One Lucky Peach
It Just Makes Sense
More Than Just Tacos
Off The Grid
In Conversation with Russell Norman

NYC | Instagrub
Matthew Orlando | The Daily Grind
April Bloomfield | Quoted
Daisho | Experience
Twice-Baked Rosemary Shortbread | Recipe
Food Warrior | Unsung Heroes
Market Made | Food + Fashion
Devour | Food + Photography
The Garnisher | Archetypes
Somewhere Over the Food-Group Rainbow | A Matter of Taste

96 Pages + Cover
6.5″ x 9.5″
Printed in Canada

Canada $5
US $7
Everywhere else $17